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Where was Dragon Age at EA Play Live 2020?

BioWare's hit fantasy game, Dragon Age, was absent from yet another major livestream event.


Dragon Age fans are a bit confused right now. EA Play Live 2020 has come and gone and there was no sign or mention of one of EA and BioWare’s biggest franchises. This leaves a lot of people wondering, where was Dragon Age at EA Play Live 2020?

Where was Dragon Age at EA Play Live 2020?

It seems as if Dragon Age has taken a major step back from the limelight. EA Play Live 2020 gave practically no mention of BioWare’s hit fantasy title, with only the barest possible snippet of a demo reel potentially showcasing something that could maybe, if you squint, be considered Dragon Age. It’s a disappointing outcome for fans the world over.

EA Play Live 2020 Dragon Age
Could this be a look at the next Dragon Age?

So where is Dragon Age? In October 2019, our own Brittany Vincent picked up a story about Dragon Age from BioWare. According to the developer, Dragon Age 4 is still coming and it’s likely won’t be here until after the 2022 fiscal year. That puts it at least another two years away, if nothing goes wrong during development.

Unfortunately for BioWare, its track record has been blemished with the release of Anthem, which is currently undergoing some major changes. How the company is going to be able to recover from Anthem’s harrowing development and release, and fix it, all while developing the next Dragon Age is anyone’s guess, but it’d be a herculean effort.

Dragon Age 4 work in progress
Not much is known about the next Dragon Age.

As for what we actually saw during EA Play Live 2020, well that could be anything. The short demo reel toward the end of the livestream showcased a bunch of work-in-progress shots. There were developer environments where objects were being pushed around, scenes from other franchises, as well as a flyover of a fantasy world. This last one could very well be a look at Dragon Age.

There’s really not a lot of information to go on, and considering this is EA’s big yearly opportunity to showcase games players should be excited about, it’s telling that Dragon Age wasn’t highlighted. It may simply not be ready for public consumption. Make sure you check out the EA Play Live 2020 page for a rundown of all the other major announcements from the livestream.

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