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Persona 4 Golden revealed at PC Gaming Show and it's on Steam right now

Surprise! Not only is Persona 4 Golden coming to PC, but it's out on PC this very second!


Back in the day, there used to be a handheld console called the PlayStation Vita. It feels like it's been many years since the Vita released any kind of game, but many people still treasure it because it's the one place to play Persona 4 Golden. At least, it was. Kinda Funny's Greg Miller invaded Saturday's PC Gaming Show to reveal that Persona 4 Golden has finally made the jump to another platform, announcing that not only is the game coming to PC, it's actually on PC right now!

Persona 4 Golden returns with upgraded HD graphics, which should fit nicely on your PC gaming machine. There's both English and Japanese audio, depending on how you'd like to experience your Persona 4 story. But the rest of this package is pure Persona 4 Golden, bringing the acclaimed story beyond handhelds for the first time.

But maybe you didn't own a PlayStation Vita and aren't familiar with the Persona 4 Golden story. Players follow an unnamed protagonist, who comes to Inaba, Japan in the middle of a string of murders. Over the course of the story, players will meet new friends and familiarize themselves with their Persona spirits, all the while getting to the bottom of the mysteries that are surrounding Inaba.

Persona 4 Golden is avaiable right now on Steam for $19.99.

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