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Pragmata is a mysterious new adventure from Capcom for PS5

Fresh off revealing Resident Evil 8, Capcom had a second game to reveal and there looks to be a lot of mystery to it. This is Pragmata.


Nearly an hour after the PlayStation 5 reveal livestream first started, there are still more games to reveal. The next game comes from the folks at Capcom. Fresh off the Resident Evil 8 reveal, this time around they revealed an entirely new property that takes players into the depths of space.

Starting out in a seemingly emptied-out world, an astronaut returns to find a little girl and a holographic cat. That's when things take a turn for the weird, as it's all revealed to be a simulation set in space. The astronaut's weapons and inventory aren't enough to prevent them from being blasted off into space, where they land on the nearby moon. The trailer ends with the two looking out into the far reaches of space and glancing at the Earth.

Anybody looking for more information than that... well, I don't know what to tell you. There really isn't a lot to go on and even Capcom-Unity is being noticeably tight-lipped about this new effort. The only knowns as of now is that Pragmata will be set in a dystopian near-future on Earth's moon. How any of that leads to the whacked-out simulations or where this mysterious little girl came from, none of that is known and it doesn't look like we'll be learning more about them anytime soon.

Pragmata is coming in 2022 to PlayStation 5. It's also going to release on PC and Xbox Series X. As for more details on the game, Capcom notes that it won't reveal anything further about Pragmata until next year. Whenever that time comes, we'll be watching here at Shacknews. We'll have more information whenever it arrives.

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