Shacknews Twitch Highlights: Rocket League, Final Fantasy 7, and Dungeon Defenders

See what the Shack Staff has been up to in our various livestream shows with the fifth installment of our Shacknews Twitch Highlights series!


If you're not taking the time out of your day to check out Shacknews streams, you're missing out. They're our opportunity to hang out together, with the community, developers, and viewers like you to just shoot the breeze and play games. Sometimes we even do giveaways. If you haven't had time to stop by one of our shows yet, we've got a handy dandy highlights reel of some of our favorite moments of late. You've got a nice little rundown below, so please commence to listenin' and commence to jigglin'.

Shacknews Twitch Highlights: Episode 5

First off, Rocket League finds one of our combatants unsure of what "the turbo button" is, but is swiftly educated during our Shacknews Stimulus Games. Asif is summarily triggered. He probably felt the same way when I never used the turbo during our staff Stimulus Games, too. I don't usually play Rocket League. PRESS GO FAST BUTTON.

Next, Blake takes on Final Fantasy 7 Remake and spews unnecessary hate for Chadley. Why does everyone hate that poor dude? He gives you materia! Then Blake runs into chairs and stools for some reason at the Shinra Building for a little while, possibly as a microaggression toward Shinra in general. We love to see it. Shinra sucks. 

After that, it's Indielicious with TJ and Greg as they take on Dungeon Defenders Awakened. Greg gives TJ a lesson on keyboard usage and when it was invented, and it's a very heartwarming moment where you might learn a thing or two if you don't watch yourself. Also, the monk's default name is Bald.

Finally, the Shacknews Dump takes a steaming pile all over the week's news and random tidbits. There is random hate toward Dave and Buster's, which is a fun place I enjoy going to – but not during a pandemic, mind you. Still, I don't get why people hate fun. Chadley is fun. That about wraps this set of highlights up!

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