E4 2020: Shack Staff's favorite E3 booths

The Shack Staff gathered together to discuss some of their favorite booths from the years of E3 past.


Though E3 as we know it may have gone the way of the dinosaur, that hasn't kept the Shack Staff from reminiscing about the good old days. 'Member when E3 was more than a collection of leaks ahead of time? 'Member when we could hang out on the show floor with all our industry friends? 'Member the Shacknews booth? Pepperidge Farms remembers, and so does Shacknews. 

This E4 2020, we've taken some time during the Summer of Doing Our Jobs to reflect on days gone. Not the game, literal days that have already passed. In particular, we're looking back fondly on some of our favorite booths from E3 over the years. We may never see another E3 the way we remember it due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, and a variety of other reasons. But it's fun to take a look back into the past and reflect. 

From Fortnite to Bethesda, here are some of our favorite E3 booths (and areas) of all time, with photos taken solely by the staff!


Love it or hate it, Fortnite always knows how to bring the party. E3 2019's colorful display had dancing mascots, and took up a sizable amount of the show floor. It was attention-grabbing and great-looking. We also enjoyed playing Fortnite minigolf. 


The Nintendo booth is a perennial Shack Staff favorite. It never tends to disappoint, bringing only the coolest Nintendo titles and fun characters and props to pose with. These past years' booths were truly amazing to witness in person.

Borderlands 3

The Borderlands 3 presence has been strong over the past few big gaming events, and seeing everything come together at the E3 booth was a real treat. 

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Anyone who walked past this massive monument to two lifelong rivals joining forces for the Olympics we never had was filled with wonder. This was a truly impressive booth. 


Capcom has truly killed it over the years. We especially loved the awesome R.P.D. building and the colorful Capcom signage. Plus, who doesn't love Monster Hunter?


Bethesda has often had some extremely eye-catching booths over the years, but we especially loved anything that had to do with DOOM and its marketing around the show. That, and Bethesdaland, of course. 

Misc. E3 Moments

While we always enjoy checking out booths from our favorite developers and companies, some of our best memories have been made simply spending time together around various parts of the show floor (and outside of it, too).  

It's your turn! What were some of your favorite E3 booths if you attended over the years? Which ones did you love seeing from Shacknews coverage? Let us know in the comments below. We're still waiting for what the new normal will look like when we can go all out and do this all again one day.

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