Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break open beta has begun on PC

It's time to rock and roll with the Rock of Ages 3 open beta, which is kicking off on Steam today.


Who's ready to rock? Publisher Modus Games and developer ACE Team is ready to rock. On Tuesday, they officially launched the open beta for the third part of their stone cold trilogy, Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break. That means everybody on PC can get a first look at the tower defense strategy game right now.

For those unfamiliar with the Rock of Ages games, invaders are storming your castle. There's only one truly effective way to ward them off and that's by throwing giant rocks at them. While the series started off with some humble ideas, ACE Team has since expanded the concept in much more imaginative ways, finding different settings in which to launch giant boulders and wreak all sorts of havoc. Because if we've learned anything over the years, it's that there's no better way to crush your enemies than with a giant rock.

Rock of Ages 3 allows for friends to get in on the rock-busting action with four-player online player, as well as two-player local split-screen. Solo users can also engage with six different game modes, including a story mode that spans the centuries, a new Boulder Avalanche mode, and a more methodical Humpty-Dumpty Mode. On top of that, more creative types can engage with the game's level creator and craft their own paths of destruction.

The Rock of Ages 3 open beta kicks off on Steam today, with PS4 and Xbox One users set to get their open beta on June 23. The open beta will only run through a week, so be sure to sign up on the Rock of Ages website whlie there's still time. Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break will release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on July 21.

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