Shacknews Dump - E4 Day 1

E4 is a-go and Day 1 is upon us! News is coming fast and we're here to discuss all week long on the Shacknews Dump.


It’s time, friends. Shacknews E4: Summer of Doing Our Jobs is upon us, and with it comes a whole week of news, previews, livestreams, and more. With E4 in full force, one Shacknews Dump is not enough to contain the flow of amazing gaming news going on this week. No sir. We’re hitting you nearly every day this week with E4 daily dumps!

It’s Day 1 of E4 and on today’s Dump, we’re kicking things off with a wealth of Destiny 2 goodness. Bungie just dropped every grand plan in their book for the coming future and there’s a lot to go through. But even outside Destiny 2, Bungie might be working on an IP with a new comedic and whimsical theme? Add to that, the legendary Metal Slug franchise is reportedly making a comeback with a new game on consoles in 2020.

All of this and more is coming your way on the first episode of the E4 Shacknews Dump and you can catch it all when we go live on the Shacknews Twitch channel at 1PM PT / 4PM ET. You can also catch the Dump in the video embed below.

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Here’s the rundown of what’s coming on the Shacknews Dump today.

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The E4 Day 1 Shacknews Dump is coming fast, so get ready as we go live with a non-stop flow of hot news topics!

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