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The Destiny Content Vault will allow Bungie to cycle content in and out of Destiny 2

Bungie revealed during today's Destiny 2 reveal stream that older content from Destiny 2 will start to cycle out into the Destiny Content Vault, allowing the studio to focus on newer content.


There's no doubt that Destiny 2 has grown exponentially since its original release. Despite how you might feel about the game's current state, Bungie is setting some plans into motion that will allow the studio to better focus their development time. According to Mark Noseworthy and Luke Smith, the Destiny Content Vault, which was revealed during today's stream, will allow the team to pull content that isn't as popular from the live game, allowing the team to focus on the content that is being played so that they can update it, optimize it, and keep everything running smoothly.

We've been hearing for quite some time that Destiny 2 can't keep growing forever. Even if you're not happy with some of the choices Bungie has made, keeping this much content updated is too much to take on while trying to add more. To combat this, Bungie will use the Destiny Content Vault. Older content that isn't being played as much will be put into the vault, allowing the team to take resources previously dedicated to updating that old content and allocate them to making new content. That might worry some players at first mention, but the Destiny Content Vault works two ways. Things can be put in, but they can also be brought back out.

When Beyond Light launches this fall, the Cosmodrome will be coming to Destiny 2. Destiny 1 players will remember this as the first major location in the game. It held the famous loot cave (RIP), as well as the three strikes that took place in that location. If you have never fought Sepiks Prime in The Devil's Lair strike, you're missing out, but not for much longer. Players can also look forward to diving into the first, and perhaps best, raid that has ever existed in the Destiny universe, the Vault of Glass (VOG). That raid will make its return and join the content available in Destiny 2 at some point in Year 4.

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