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League of Legends Season 11 to remove ranked inter-division promos

Riot Games is rethinking a lot of how it approaches League of Legends Season 11, including a big change to how you move from between Silver, Gold, and other divisions.


For as long as most people can likely remember in League of Legends Ranked queues, you always had a promotional set when moving up the ladder. Division ranks like Silver 3 to Silver 2 were just best-of-three sets, but inter-division rank ups require a daunting best-of-five set to change from Silver to Gold. Riot is planning to change this in Season 11 as outlined in a major post about what’s coming in the future of League of Legends. Specifically, inter-division promo sets seem to be going away.

Riot Games spoke to League of Legends Season 11 and ranked inter-division promos on a post on the League of Legends blogs on June 1, 2020. It’s a big one, talking about improving upon the quality of matchmaking, properly rewarding improving players, and improving progression systems. One of the big eyebrow raisers is about inter-division promos.

“Toward the goal of improving progression satisfaction and skill expression in our systems, it's looking likely that we’ll be removing inter-division promotions to reduce frustration of seemingly hitting a wall when you know you’ve been playing well,” Riot Games wrote.

It goes both ways too, as Competitive Gameplay Product Lead Cody “Riot Codebear” Germain points out.

“This means we'll also need to look at inter-division demotion protections to make sure that players are able to get where they should be in both directions without false limitations.”

It seems unclear what direction these changes will take as many players would probably agree that there should be some kind of challenge in the illustrious move between divisions. Getting from Silver to Gold or Gold to Diamond, etc., should be a gloriously earned moment. It would be a shame if this was altogether removed. Either way, Season 10 still has some life in it, having just released reworks of classic characters like Volibear and Fiddlesticks. Whatever changes take place probably won’t be coming for a few months yet.

Stay tuned to Shacknews for further changes to League of Legends ranked promos and other facets of the game in Season 11.

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