Prey VR listing possibly teased on UK retailer website

Could the popular shooter be receiving a full VR adaptation on PlayStation VR? This leak appears to indicate just that.


It looks like we could soon be getting a VR version of Prey, if a recent listing spotted by Twitter user @Nibellion is to be believed.

There was a listing that appeared briefly on UK retailer Shopto's website that referenced "Prey VR". It was swiftly removed, but there was a screenshot taken before it was culled. There was no information beyond a PlayStation VR box mock-up and multiple mentions of the name.

There has yet to be a VR version of Prey announced, but with the PlayStation 5 presentation later this week, it's highly possible some new PS4 surprises could still be making their way out. Plus, a factor that lends some plausibility that this game could very well release is the fact that Prey's Typhon Hunter standalone game had VR capabilities.

We don't know for sure what's in store, but this is a very cool game that could definitely use a VR mode. We'll be keeping an eye out for additional news to that end.

Unfamiliar with Prey and haven't had a chance to experience it? Here's what Shacknews contributor John Keefer thought about Prey when it first came around:

"Prey is messing with my head - in a good way. All the elements of a great game are there, while driving me mad with its complexity. For all my jokes prior to Prey’s release of being Dishonored 2.5 and Emily Kaldwin actually being a Typhon, I can say I was wrong, despite the surface similarities of some abilities. From my early agonizing hours limping through Talos I afraid of my own shadow, I can tell Arkane has lovingly crafted a horror-filled action title that would make players hunger for a hug from a Deep One rather than open that door down that dimly lit corridor, where a spider-like mimic may lurk."

Be sure to keep it tuned to Shacknews for additional updates. 

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