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PUBG Update 7.2 patch notes include new Ranked Mode

The latest patch notes for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds feature a number of gameplay changes, and the inclusion of a new mode.


PUBG is usually credited as being the game that really kicked off the battle royale craze that took the industry by storm nearly three years ago. Much like the genre itself, PUBG has seen quite the evolution in recent years. Most recently, developer PUBG Corp has released update 7.2, which features balances to gameplay, as well as the addition of the highly-requested ranked mode.

The full patch notes were posted on May 18 to PUBG’s official website. Part of the game’s seventh season, update 7.2 hosts a vast number of changes and tweaks to gameplay across all versions of the game. The devs adknowledge to long reign of supremacy that the M4A1 has had over the game’s meta, and how they are buffing other AR’s “to give players alternative solutions.” The M4A1 has seen a decrease in long-distance damage in order to prevent it from being a “one size fits all” answer for any predicament the game throws at you.

There are some tweaks made to armor in PUBG patch 7.2 as well. “Vests not only provided armor but also provided additional inventory space. However, it felt pretty bad to immediately lose that space when your vest was destroyed in combat.” Now, vests don’t disappear upon being destroyed, allowing players to retain the additional inventory space. 

The biggest change in update 7.2 is the addition of a ranked mode. Long requested by fans, this mode is designed for players to climb the ranks and play against the best of the best. “For Ranked Mode, the dev team took some inspiration from the highest level of competitive PUBG play, PUBG Esports. This includes settings, loot, and 64-player squad oriented play.” Ranked takes the place of the previous survival mode.

There are a number of differences that will separate ranked play from standard game modes. Games will be randomly played on either Erangel, Miramar, or Sanhok. Ranked mode sees an increase in loot spawns, but other aspects have been stripped away in favor of a more competitive experience. The crossbow, motor glider, and red zone have all been removed in ranked play. The blue zone’s timing and speed have been increased in order to “increase the pace of play.”

Ranked mode features six total tears, beginning with bronze and ending with master. These ranks will follow an RP system and will reset at the start of a new season. Unranked players will be required to play 5 placement games in order to earn a starting rank. The three biggest metrics that influence a player’s RP are kills, assists, and personal placement.

PUBG update 7.2 is one of the beefiest updates the battle royale pioneer has seen in some time. A number of changes to weapons and armor will change how players approach the variety of combat scenarios. The implementation of ranked mode adds more for players looking for a competitive challenge. For more on PUBG and all things battle royale, stay right here with us at Shacknews.

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