The Innsmouth Case mixes humor with Lovecraftian horror in June 2020

A text adventure game, The Innsmouth Case is a mystery that will mix iconic Lovecraftian horror with some comedic touches in late June.


The cosmic horror of eldritch gods and their wretched followers doesn’t always have to be a sordid affair if The Innsmouth Case has anything to say about it. This upcoming adventure game is set to return players to the fishing town of Innsmouth to unravel a mystery, but it won’t be all sanity and fear this time as the game takes on a scary-meets-comedy approach to the Lovecraftian universe.

Publisher Assemble Entertainment released a new trailer and launch date for The Innsmouth Case on May 26, 2020. Launching on June 23, 2020, The Innsmouth Case will be coming to Steam, iOS, and Android devices. Creepy things have been happening in the port town of Innsmouth and they need the best detective around to crack the case. Unfortunately, the best detective around is busy, so your character will have to do. You’ll explore the town, look for clues, and make decisions that will unravel the mystery or end in a tremendous dead end in more ways than one.

Coming from RobotPumpkin Games as their debut, The Innsmouth Case is also backed by publisher Assemble Entertainment, who has had a hand in such solid recent releases as the post-apocalyptic city builder Endzone - A World Apart and the recent reboot of Leisure Suit Larry. The Innsmouth Case is a game bathed in the likes of H.P. Lovecraft lore, but taking it in a little more slapstick direction. Will you hear out the door-to-door missionary fish folk on their lord and savior, Dagon? When a monster confronts you, will you first shriek or pee your pants? Each oddball decision you make in this haphazard case has a chance of directing you towards one of the game’s 27 boasted endings.

As we approach the game’s launch on June 23, stay tuned to Shacknews for any further news and information and get ready for an irreverent Lovecraftian journey in The Innsmouth Case.

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