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Exploring the world of Maneater requires reaching new areas, which can be a bit tricky at times.


There’s a lot to explore in Maneater. Each of the individual areas offers a unique biodiversity that sets them apart from each other. But one struggle some players might face is getting to a new area in Maneater. As one of the most powerful sharks in the sea, you’ve got a few options for unlocking new regions.

How to get to new areas

Maneater includes eight unique areas for players to explore. At the start of the game, you find yourself in a brackish bayou, but soon enough you’ll want to start pushing into new territory. It can be a bit tricky to find which area you should go to next and whether or not you’ve got the skills to get there.

Maneater age-locked grates
The story will always point you to the area you should visit next. Sometimes these are blocked by age-locked gates.

First thing’s first, as you progress through the storyline, you will automatically be directed to the area you should be focused on next. For example, after clearing out all the objectives in Fawtick Bayou, the game will highlight the Dead Horse Lake, a clear indication that you should head there next.

This system is in place throughout the entire campaign. Finish an area and you will be directed to the next one. But for those that want to skip ahead of the story and do some more freeform exploring, you can do that too.

By the time you reach Dead Horse Lake, you should be capable of jumping the sea wall to the west and getting into Golden Shores. From here, it’s only a short swim into the Sapphire Bay.

Maneater get to new areas
Sometimes giant seawalls block access to other areas. You will need to go the long way around!

However, jumping seawalls isn’t always an option. For example, to the southeast of Dead Horse Lake is a large gate preventing you access to Caviar Key. This is likely a good thing, as the area may be too difficult for those new to Dead Horse Lake.

If you do find yourself exploring the ocean ahead of the story’s progression, make sure you know how to find grottos, as you will want to use it as quick travel point in the future. You can refer to our Maneater collectibles guide for maps containing all collectibles and grotto locations to make this a bit easier.

Getting to new areas, or unlocking new areas, in Maneater is easy. You can either follow the storyline or if you’ve got the skills, jump some of the sea walls and explore at your own pace. For more tips on being the best shark you can be, head over to our Maneater page.

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