How to increase Infamy Rank - Maneater

Increase your Infamy Rank in Maneater to max and become the fearsome monster of the ocean.


Maneater lets players take on the role of a shark seeking vengeance. As part of this story of revenge, you will grow in infamy among the population. However, at certain points in the story, progress is locked behind increasing your Infamy Rank. It can be easy to miss how to do this, but it’s not too difficult and will only take a bit of chomping on humans.

How to increase Infamy Rank

In order to increase your Infamy Rank in Maneater, you must start killing humans until hunters are called to cull you. This is similar to Grant Theft Auto’s Wanted level, but in Maneater, your Infamy doesn’t decrease. The maximum Infamy Rank is Level 10, which will require a bit of work and progression through the story.

maneater infamy rank increase
To increase your Infamy Rank, hunt the hunters that come out to kill you after you've eaten some tasty humans.

Once the hunters are around, start killing as many as you can. You will need to jump out of the water and snatch hunters off the boats in order to eat them. After eating a few, you will see the Infamy counter in the top-right corner fill a little bit more. Continue eating as many as you can until the circle is full, at this point the next major bounty hunter will come out to try and catch you. Defeat this hunter to go to the next level. 

Each area has a sort of soft cap for Infamy Rank. For example, once you reach Infamy Rank 2 in Dead Horse Lake, it will take longer to get to Rank 3 in that area. This encourages you to move to the next area and grow in Infamy there – in this example it would be Golden Shores.

maneater infamy rank unlocks
Each Infamy Rank you earn will reward an unlock.

When you reach a new area, take a moment to finish some quests to level before you start trying to raise your Infamy. Chances are the area’s hunters will be a bit more efficient at hunting you. Trying to raise your Infamy as soon as you reach an area could spell a quick end to our sharp-toothed friend.

Now that you’re well on your way to increasing your Infamy Rank to max, make sure you check out our other Maneater guides. We’ve got a series of articles that will help you 100% the game, including collectible guides and upgrade guides.

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