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Overwatch League Token Drops return this weekend, just not on YouTube

Looking to increase your Overwatch League Token count? Just watch the Overwatch League. But not on YouTube, though. We'll explain.


While Overwatch itself has a lot of great skins for its characters, there's another world of unlockable cosmetics available through the professional Overwatch League. These are gated behind the Overwatch League Tokens, but Blizzard is about to make it easier to pick more of those up... sort of.

Token Drops will be available for the remainder of the Overwatch League 2020 season. Viewers can first start earning tokens with this weekend's round of games in the mid-season May Melee tournament. The Token Drop promotion will continue through the end of the season. Overwatch League fans can pick up five OWL Tokens for each hour of live action that they watch. Those minutes stack up cumulatively, so if you can't watch a full hour, simply come back later and watch to complete that hour. The OWL Tokens will await players the next time they boot up Overwatch and will be usable across PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Now one would think this process would be easy. It's just a normal Twitch Drop, right? No, you silly person. Have you already forgotten that YouTube is now the official home of the Overwatch League? And YouTube doesn't allow for drops, so that's not an option. No, if you want those OWL Tokens, you'll have to watch directly from the Overwatch League website or the Overwatch League mobile app. Just make sure you're logged into your account first. Here are the full details.

The Overwatch League will continue this Friday when the Vancouver Titans (or what's left of them) face Surefour and the Toronto Defiant. And if you're looking to deck out your Overwatch character in some other outfits while you wait for those Tokens to stack up, take part in the Overwatch Anniversary event, which is now underway through June 9.

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