The Long Dark's Fearless Navigator update adds rock caches and new mapping features

The Fearless Navigator update is the latest free update to arrive in The Long Dark.


The Long Dark has been a highlight of the survival genre for a few years now, and the game only improves with each update. The latest update, Fearless Navigator, looks to further refine the map by adding numerous mapping features. These features include the ability to use a spray can to mark your surroundings, create stone caches for later use, and even find Polaroid photos of survey spots.

Let your inner cartographer thrive with the Fearless Navigator update

Creative Director Raphael van Lierop has taken a moment to show off the Fearless Navigator update in an in-depth video on YouTube. In this video, Raphael covers a lot of ground, going into details on what the update brings while also touching on the various playstyles of players.

One of the first things Raphael notes is that, much like previous map-related updates, players that do not wish to use these features don’t have to. For those that are looking forward to mapping out Great Bear Island, these new features are sure to be exciting.

Firstly, spray cans are a valuable new resource players can use. Using a limited number of symbols, players can mark their surroundings with signs representing danger, supplies, what direction to travel and more.  These signs are also reflected on the world-appropriate map.

the long dark fearless navigator spray can
Find and use spray cans to mark your surroundings, helping you recall important locations.

Beyond just marking supply areas, players will also be able to create little rock caches. These act as small land marks that can be used to store resources for later use. Upon creating one, it is marked in the journal along with a note of what you stored inside. This could be a game-changer for those about to climb Timberwolf Mountain.

Another useful addition are hidden Polaroid photos. These are hidden around the world as collectibles, which show a location in the region. Players that manage to reach the location in the photo will be able to survey the vista, unveiling a large area on the map. This will help all those faithful cartographers out there.

the long dark fearless navigator Polaroid photos
Find Polaroid photos then head to the location depicted to find a survey spot.

If you’re new to The Long Dark, maybe take a moment to read over Shacknews’ Managing Editor Bill Lavoy’s thoughts on The Long Dark Episode 3. Bill’s got an unrivalled body of knowledge about the game that should help you figure out whether you can survive the harsh wilderness in The Long Dark.

The Fearless Navigator update for The Long Dark looks to continue with preserving the minimalist HUD while adding features to the game that make sense within the world. You can read more about the Fearless Navigator update on The Long Dark website. Make sure you also check out Shacknews’ The Long Dark page for more information. Fearless Navigator is free for download now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam for those that own the game. For those who don't, the game is currently on sale on Steam

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