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Apex Legends: Season 5 starts 'The Broken Ghost' Quest today

Something new has come to Apex Legends with Seasonal Quests and players can jump into the first one starting today.


EA and Respawn have added quit a bit to Apex Legends for Season 5. A new playable character has taken the field, while the battle has shifted to the Offshore Rig map after the fall of Skull Town. But one of the biggest changes is coming in the form of Season Quests and, on Tuesday, Respawn officially launched the first one with The Broken Ghost.

Respawn briefly alluded to Quests earlier this month, but here's what they boil down to. Apex Legends' first Season Quest is called The Broken Ghost and will combine elements of the game's usual PvP battle royale action with a special PvE component. Players will collect Treasure Packs in their usual Apex Legends competitive rounds, one each day. These Treasure Packs can unlock rewards, but also unlock Hunts. Hunts are weekly ventures into Kings Canyon at Night where players will either go alone or with a full squad in search of an artifact piece.

These Weekly Hunts are not easy, though Squad members can resurrect each other when things start to get difficult. Solo players will receive a set number of respawns. The rewards are worthwhile, as players will pick up an artifact piece, an exclusive Weapon Charm, and unlock a new chapter in the Apex Legends narrative. If things go wrong, Hunts can be replayed. There will be nine Hunts in total for Season 5 with all nine artifact pieces combining to create one giant treasure. Don't fall behind and miss a week or it'll cost 25-ac to purchase any Treasure Packs from previous weeks.

There's a first peek at the start of "The Broken Ghost" narrative available right now by clicking on the Quest tab. A special Prologue is available, with the rest of the story unfolding by the week. While there are no specifics on what the story entails, expect it to connect to new character Loba and her continuing thirst for vengeance against Revenant.

The first official Weekly Hunt kicks off the Season 5 Quest is now underway. For more, be sure to check out the Apex Legends website.

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