Wizard of Legend soundtrack gets relaxing remix in Prescription for Sleep album

The new album collaboration marks the six-year anniversary of the Prescription for Sleep album series with GENTLE LOVE and the two-year anniversary of Wizard of Legend's launch.


For six years now, GENTLE LOVE has arranged popular video game soundtracks into jazzy, relaxing, and otherwise peaceful arrangements via the Prescription for Sleep series with publisher Scarlet Moon. Recently, Scarlet Moon just announced the latest album, this time taking on the soundtrack of Wizard of Legend and the high-energy melodies of Dale North in the latest Prescription for Sleep album.

Scarlet Moon announced new album Prescription for Sleep: Wizard of Legend on May 15, 2020, launching on multiple audio platforms. Wizard of Legend is a high-octane, spell-slinging action indie game from developer Contingent99. With GENTLE LOVE’s Norihiko Hibino (Metal Gear Solid) on saxophone and AYKAI (Etrian Odyssey) on piano, the album takes 11 tracks from the Wizard of Legend soundtrack by composer Dale North and re-arranges them into soothing, jazzy lullabies, complete with a 12th original track from GENTLE LOVE to close the album out. You can take a listen to what’s on the album via the embed below from Dale North’s own Bandcamp.

Prescription for Sleep: Wizard of Legend is more than just another fantastic collection of beautiful video game tunes. This collaboration also marks the two-year anniversary of Wizard of Legend’s launch on May 15, 2020, as well as the six-year anniversary of the Prescription for Sleep album series from GENTLE LOVE and Scarlet Moon. Previous albums have including similarly soothing renditions of the soundtracks from Shovel Knight, Celeste, and more. Of course, if you dig the jazzy Prescription for Sleep version of Wizard of Legend’s soundtrack, we’d wholeheartedly recommend the original soundtrack from Dale North as well, which is also available via Scarlet Moon. We’ve had a chance to talk with North in the past and the conversation about musical composition and the journey into the video games industry was enjoyable, to say the least.

Prescription for Sleep: Wizard of Legend may be relaxing, but we’d also recommend you don’t sleep on the game itself. Check out what we had to say about it back in our Wizard of Legend Shacknews review. Whether you go after the album or the game, both are available now.

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