Artist recreates Unreal Engine 5 demo scene in Dreams

One fan was so enamored with the visuals from the Unreal Engine 5 tech demo that they took to Media Molecule's Dreams to faithfully recreate an entire scene from it.


A lot of the visuals from the Unreal Engine 5 tech demo revealed by Epic Games and Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Festival were drop-dead gorgeous to say the least. The demonstration of lighting, pixels, and plenty of other features in the terrain make the future of game and media development look like it’s going to be streamlined in many ways through the engine. One artist was so enthralled with it that they took what they saw in the demo and worked to recreate a scene of it in Media Molecule’s Dreams on PlayStation 4.

Freelance artist Martin Nebelong posted a video exploring his Dreams recreation of a cave from the Unreal Engine 5 demonstration on his YouTube channel on May 14, 2020. When Martin begins the video, it looks like it could be a scene ripped right from the videos of the tech demo itself. And surprisingly enough, that’s when he opens up the Dreams user interface to show off how he crafted some rock formations and effects in the scene. You can see for yourself in the video below.

The Unreal Engine 5 demonstration was pretty incredible. Epic Games showed off and explained how they intend to streamline otherwise very dense scenery full of dynamic lighting effects and billion polygon objects with relative ease through the use of new tools like Lumen and Nanite respectively. But Dreams is quite incredible in of itself. When we checked out Dreams earlier this year in our Shacknews review, we were floored by the sheer depth of possibility and opportunity presented by its rich and varied toy box of creative tools. What Nebelong shows off of just a small section inspired by the Unreal Engine 5 presentation (apparently created in just a couple hours) is a solid testament to just how good Dreams is as a creative medium.

Want more out of Dreams, or even to try it yourself? Media Molecule and PlayStation 4 have released a demo of the game, available to play now. Take a glimpse for yourself and see exactly how the game allows creations like those of Nebelong’s to become a reality.

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