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Mike Tyson on fighting in the UFC: 'You never know'

It seems the door to Mike Tyson fighting in the UFC isn't completely closed.

Featured image courtesy of ESPN

Mike Tyson has not ruled out the possibility of fighting in the UFC. One of the most well-known boxers in history, Tyson sat down for an interview with Shacknews CEO and Editor-in-Chief Asif Khan to talk about many things, including the possibility of him eventually finding his way to the UFC. Please take a look.

What makes this interesting is that Tyson has previously stated he wouldn’t make his way over to MMA, citing the lack of money made in MMA compared to boxing. That may no longer be the case, though, and it’s reasonable to wonder if any fight in the UFC involving Mike Tyson would be bigger than the biggest Conor McGregor card. I believe it would be, and I don’t think it would be particularly close. You can hear Tyson talk about a potential UFC appearance starting at about 19:00 of the video.

To add fuel to the fire, Mike Tyson has been seen in training videos lately and the former champ looks as nasty as ever. I cannot imagine a human being that could stand up the onslaught of power punches Tyson brings with his blitz attacks. Then again, Tyson would have the threat of a takedown in MMA, something he wouldn’t have to worry about in boxing. It’s also safe to assume that if he did dip his toes in the MMA water, he’d get a reasonable matchup since he’s good buddies with Dana White and nobody would want to see Tyson taken down in an MMA scrap. If it never materializes, at least we'll always have Mike Tyson in EA Sports UFC 3.

Check out the full video we’ve embedded to hear more from Tyson. He didn’t just speak about a possible fight in the UFC, he also talked about making another boxing game, never beating Punch Out!, and had a very refreshing take on toilet paper shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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