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Mike Tyson on TP shortages: 'the last thing I'm gonna be thinking about is wiping my ass'

Shacknews caught up with Mike Tyson earlier this week to chat about a whole wide range of topics, but the Champ had some choice words for people hoarding supplies like toilet paper.


Shacknews recently caught up with Mike Tyson for a very special interview. The Champ talks about a whole range of topics, but he had some choice words for people hoarding toilet paper during the COVID-19 pandemic. "Listen, if we're in a serious pandemic and it's the end of the world, the last thing I'm going to be thinking about is wiping my ass," said the youngest boxer to ever win the heavyweight title of the world. Check out the rest of the interview here!

Tyson's first comments on toilet paper start at around 11:30 interview. Iron Mike continued, "I'm not going to be thinking about wiping my ass when I am taking a dump, and it's the end of the world." When asked what the first thing Mike would prioritize in this crisis he replied, "It's being with the people you love when it's going down. When it's over, wouldn't you want to be around the people you love the most?" 

It's a beautiful sentiment in these trying times. A lot of this interview centered around how much Mike Tyson cares about the well-being of people, and toilet paper hoarding is clearly the way. At the same time, some people are probably hoarding toilet paper because they think it is in the best interests of their family, which is the same sentiment that The Champ shared in this interview with Shacknews.

Mike Tyson seen here congratulating me on beating Punch Out!! in first grade.
Mike Tyson seen here congratulating me on beating Punch Out!! in first grade.

This interview was part of the Facebook Gaming and State Farm's Play Apart Together FIFA livestream earlier this week on Thursday, but so much of what Iron Mike said was too hot for their stream. Be sure to check out the #PlayApartTogether efforts across all social media as we try to heal the world during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep it locked on Shacknews all week long for more Mike Tyson hot takes!


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