First-party Xbox Series X games to debut during July stream

We got a brief taste of the third-party Xbox Series X lineup during the First Look stream, but we'll have to wait until July for the heavy-hitters of the first-party regime.


This morning, Microsoft delivered a heaping helping of First Look footage of several upcoming third-party Xbox Series X titles. However, the presentation was bereft of first-party Xbox titles, and as such we didn't get to see any of the upcoming games like Halo Infinite or anything else Microsoft has up its sleeve at the moment.

There's good news, though. Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg revealed that we'll be getting an additional stream in July. We'll have to wait two more months to see the new presentation, but when it debuts it will be all about Xbox Game Studios titles, or the first-party lineup we all deserve.

We should have potentially known about this turn of events back when we were advised by way of Xbox that a new look at Halo Infinite would indeed be coming our way in July. But now the cat's out of the bag, and we'll be girding our loins for a new presentation this summer, when we're in the thick of what would have been E3 2020.

Today, however, we had plenty of fun reveals that we covered for you to peruse. There are a lot of intriguing games in development from third-party studios, and we can't wait to see what they look like when we have a better idea of gameplay. There are over 140 studios working on games, in fact, which is a whole hell of a lot. But as far as first-party games go, we're practically salivating for more Halo and Hellblade information at this point. 

Be sure to join us in July for more coverage as we navigate the Xbox Series X launch, as it's set to debut this holiday 2020. 

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