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Rainbow Six Siege's The Grand Larceny event goes back 100 years

Get ready to go back to the 1920s and shoot some gangsters with Rainbow Six Siege's latest event, The Grand Larceny.


Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege isn't all about modern tactics and espionage. For the next couple of weeks, Ubisoft is taking players back in time to a simpler era. The 2020s are a bit of a trainwreck, so let's dial the clock back a hundred years and visit Britain in the 1920s. Earlier this week, Ubisoft kicked off the latest Rainbow Six Siege event, The Grand Larceny.

Who's ready to shoot some gangsters? Visit an old timey version of the Hereford map, as one team of five looks to make a clean getaway with a whole lot of loot while another team of five looks to smack them with the long arm of the law. For The Grand Larceny's Stolen Goods mode, the rules are simple. Each Operator only gets a shotgun, customized to fit the 1920s era. The team on defense must protect a number of Safeboxes scattered across the map, while the team on offense must either open a designated number of Safeboxes. Of course, each side can also win by wiping out the opposing team.

Players will know the Safebox locations ahead of time, but because it's Rainbow Six Siege, teams can use the game's physics to their advantage. The shotguns are powerful enough to wipe out entire metal beams, changing up entire floor layouts and forcing teams to change up their strategies on the fly.

Only a select number of Operators will be available for The Grand Larceny. Glaz, Nomad, Buck, Montagne, Blitz, Caveira, Kali, Clash, Blackbeard, Lion, IQ, Tachanka, Recruit, Twitch and Mozzie will all sit this one out. But for everyone else, this is a chance to earn cool cosmetics and have a little fun outside of the normal Rainbow Six Siege parameters.

The Grand Larceny website has more information on this event. This event is underway now and will run until May 19.

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