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Valorant hotfix patch reverts headshot sound

Say goodbye to Valorant's new headshot sound and hello to the old headshot sound.


Valorant is about to receive another hotfix, this time to revert a change recently introduced. Fans that did not enjoy the changes to the headshot sound will be pleased to hear that Riot Games is rolling back this decision. The latest hotfix will also look to solve a couple of other problems.

Valorant hotfix patch fixes headshot sound

Nothing brings a community together quite like small things changing. For those Valorant fans that have been scoring headshots every day, the recent change to the headshot sound is sure to make them cringe. Thankfully, Riot Games has been listening and will be reverting the new headshot sounds back to the old ones. This news comes from a tweet from the official Valorant Twitter account.

For those that have been blissfully unaware, here’s a video by Noah Hoops showing the new headshot sound added to Valorant. In case you can’t quite differentiate it from the weapon, Reddit user oranghe_ has a video of the headshot sound using the practice mode.

If you need to cleanse your auditory palate after that, here’s a video by Casuese with nothing but the old, chunky and meaty headshot sound effects.

As for when this hotfix is going live, players can expect the Valorant servers to be down on Thursday, April 30 from 4:30AM PT to 10:00 AM PT. During this time, Riot Games will also be addressing some exploits as well as fixing two bugs. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on any developments.

The tweet also makes mention that if everything goes well with the patch, then ranked isn’t too far out. This is no doubt some good news for players out there that want to verse people of their own skill level. Make sure to check out the Shacknews Valorant page for more news, patch note overviews, and guides.

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