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How to get scars - Sea of Thieves

Give your pirate some more stories to tell by unlocking scars in Sea of Thieves.


Scars are just one of the many ways to add character to your pirate in Sea of Thieves. Each scar tells a story of your pirate’s adventures and voyages. At the moment, there aren’t a lot of scars in Sea of Thieves, so unlocking what few that exist is going to be the focus of some players.

How to get scars

sea of thieves scars
As of early 2020, there are three scars in Sea of Thieves.

As of writing, there are currently three scars in Sea of Thieves. Unfortunately, two of these scars are no longer available for unlock as they were tied to time-limited rewards for players back in 2018. These two unavailable scars are the Shark Bitemark and Bone Crusher scars.

The only scars players can still unlock are the Forsaken Ashes scars. This cosmetic is unlocked by completing the Master Devil’s Voyager commendation. To do this, players must complete all of the “Devil’s Voyager” commendations. These are found under the Bilge Rat’s reputation page in the Forsaken Shores tab.

Sea of Thieves Vanity Chest scars
The Vanity Chest is how you equip and change scars in Sea of Thieves.

Once this is done, find a Vanity Chest, either on your ship or at a clothing store at an Outpost, and navigate to the scars tab. Here you will find your new scar! This gives the appearance of broken ground with magma burning below.

For those that might be curious, the Shark Bitemark and Bone Crusher scars were rewards for the completing Merrick’s quest during The Hungering Deep and for defeating all three battles during the Cursed Sails event respectfully.

It’s been a long time since Rare has released any new scars in Sea of Thieves. Given the major focus on cosmetics, it wouldn’t be surprising if we see more added in the near future. Sail over to the Shacknews Sea of Thieves guide and walkthrough for more helpful tips!

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