Ape Out soundtrack from iam8bit is entirely gameplay recorded

iam8bit's next vinyl offering is the Ape Out soundtrack. But wait... does Ape Out even have a soundtrack?


For vinyl gaming sountracks, iam8bit has become the leading source. So there were some question marks when they announced that their next soundtrack would be from Devolver Digital's cult 2019 hit Ape Out. Anyone who's played Ape Out knows... that game doesn't really have a soundtrack. But that isn't going to be matter, as it turns out, because this new vinyl album will collect dynamically recoded gameplay.

The Ape Out soundtrack is said to be the first of its kind in the world. This experimental 180-gram Audiophile Black Vinyl recording will see developer Gabe Cuzzillo play through his own game and base the entire album on his run. Since sound cues come from the Ape's actions, it should all lend itself to a unique recording with a lot of cymbal crashes and frenetic trumpet blasts. Simply sit back and use your imagination. Picture the anarchy unfolding across the zoo in your own mind.

Any chance to get more Ape Out is fine with us here at Shacknews. It was on our shortlist for 2019 Game of the Year and made the Top 3 for our Top 10 Indie Games of the Year. We also gave it a glowing review, appreciating its experimental nature and its penchant for all-out chaos.

The Ape Out soundtrack is available for pre-order now from iam8bit for $29.99. If you don't own a record player, your purchase also includes a full digital download. If you're looking to play Ape Out itself, it's available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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