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Ziggurat Interactive purchases rights to the entire 3DO Studios library

Continuing its efforts to bring classic gaming to modern hardware, Ziggurat has acquired rights to pretty much all games from the 3DO Studios catalogue.


Ziggurat Interactive has a passionate mission: to bring classic and enjoyable games to modern audiences through remakes, remasters, and re-releases of titles of yesteryear. It wants to shine a light on games that either made waves, pushed things forward, or were great but maybe overlooked by audiences. Today, they announced a continuation of that mission in acquiring the rights to the 3DO Studios gaming library.

Ziggurat announced the purchase of the publishing rights for 3DO Studios on April 27, 2020, via a press release. Originally owned by Prism Entertainment, 3DO Studios was responsible for the rights to a number of classic games on PC and the titular 3DO console, which was active from 1993 to 1996. Ziggurat’s purchase gives it rights to most of the library, including games still in circulation on Steam and GOG, for which Ziggurat will take over publishing duties. Some key acquisitions in the purchase include horror-themed first-person shooter Killing Time and sci-fi first-person combat and base builder franchise Uprising.

Who doesn't love hanging out with a zombie clown? These are among the myriad of enemies found in horror FPS Killing Time.
Who doesn't love hanging out with a demon clown? These are among the myriad of enemies found in horror FPS Killing Time.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard from Ziggurat Interactive, who has been quite aggressive in its endeavors to gather the rights to an increasingly massive library of classic games. In an interview we did with Ziggurat Interactive CEO Wade Rosen, not only was the goal to revive a library of titles that appealed to gamers of yesteryear for new audiences, but also work with the original developers of the games to bring meaningful updates and additions to the games while keeping them true to their original spirit and form.

“With each of these games we want to stay true to the original design and experience but remove the limitations that the hardware of those eras had,” Rosen told us.

With the acquisition of 3DO Studios, it seems clear Ziggurat is continuing in efforts to expand its classic library and give new and older players alike another look at a particular era of classic gaming greatness.

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