Alien: Isolation is $2 on Steam for Alien Day

Celebrate Alien Day with one of the franchise's most terrifying video games, because Alien: Isolation is $2 on Steam until the end of Monday.


Watch where you step, because you never know what could be lurking nearby. If you're marooned out in space, you never know what dangerous thing could be waiting to bring you to a violent end. In the case of Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley, that thing is a terrifying Xenomorph, ready to pounce at even the slightest sound of movement. That's been the award-winning premise behind Alien: Isolation and it remains a favorite of Alien fans. However, there are a few people out there who might not have played this modern horror classic from Sega and The Creative Assembly. Fortunately for them, there's never been a better time to jump in, because today is Alien Day!

Alien Day is a celebration of all things Alien that has taken place on April 26, starting back in 2016. The Alien Day date is a reference to the setting of the original Alien motion picture, Acheron, the LV-426 moon. While it primarily celebrates the Alien movies, the day also honors various supplemental material like comic books and, yes, video games.

So for this year's Alien Day, Alien: Isolation is available on Steam for its lowest price ever. PC owners have until the end of Monday to pick up Alien: Isolation for just two bucks! There's a substantial amount of DLC for the game, so if you're looking for the whole package, that's also on sale. The full Alien: Isolation Collection is running for $12.49, 75 percent off the original price. There's also a full bundle that collects all of Alien: Isolation, its DLC, the Alien vs. Predator Collection, and the Aliens Colonial Marines Collection. (The latter is very much not Alien: Isolation, so buyer beware.)

Shacknews came to enjoy Alien: Isolation when it first released. Let's go back to our original review.

If you're playing Alien: Isolation for the first time, allow us to blow the dust off of our original Alien: Isolation walkthrough and guide to help you along the way. The Alien: Isolation Steam sale in only running for today and Monday. If you're looking for the console version, it's also on sale for Nintendo Switch, albeit for a significantly more expensive price.

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