Dr. Mario World adds 3 goombas in a lab coat who are definitely a doctor

Do not let this towering man creature inspect you or try to diagnose you in any way, because we're not even sure it's human. Oh wait, it's three goombas in a lab coat.


Mobile puzzler Dr. Mario World just got a little bigger with the addition of its latest character. It's a doctor. Definitely a physician with all the credentials you need to have to be a doctor. It's Dr. Goomba Tower.

Just kidding, it's not a doctor and you shouldn't let this imposter come anywhere near you if you're seeking medical care, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. This goomba stack belongs only in a video game like Super Mario Odyssey and nowhere near you or your body. Maybe it shouldn't even be in Dr. Mario World

There aren't any fun character details about Dr. Goomba Tower or why it exists, just the fact that it does. There are plenty of other weird characters in the world of Dr. Mario World, though. There's a Dr. Baby Mario and Dr. Baby Luigi too, and everyone knows they're literal infants and not medical professionals. Hopefully they're not trying to pass themselves off as doctors, because that would be messed up.

I guess that's not any worse than Dr. Goomba Tower, though. Except the fact that at least the babies are human. That's only marginally better, though.

If this enemy intrigues you, you can download Dr. Mario World right now on iOS and Android. Just don't seek professional help from this weirdo. 

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