Shacknews Dump - April 24, 2020

On this week's Shacknews Dump, we discuss PAX West 2020 NOT being canceled, Lamar Jackson's Madden 21 cover leak, the big Super Mario Maker 2 update, and more.


Brace yourself. It’s time for another big Shacknews Dump. If you’ve missed out on any of the major stories going up all week long here at Shacknews, then we’ve got you covered with a special ShackStream dedicated to all the biggest topics in gaming and entertainment news.

On this April 24, 2020 edition of the Shacknews Dump, we’re hitting the biggest topics coming out of the week. Somehow, PAX West 2020 has not been canceled due to COVID-19. We’ll see how well that goes as this year goes on. Madden 21 hasn’t been canceled either, but that didn’t stop Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson from spilling the beans on his alleged status as the cover star of the latest year’s game. Also, the biggest and apparently last Super Mario Maker 2 update has dropped and we take the time to talk about how good it is (spoilers: it’s good). Be sure to tune in as we go live at 1:15PM PT / 4:15PM ET on the Shacknews Twitch channel or check it out in the embedded video below.

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Here’s a look at what else we’re going to be talking about on the Shacknews Dump today.

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If you’ve missed any of the hottest topics this week, then be sure to tune into the Shacknews Dump as we take a deep dive into all the above stories.

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