How to equip a pet - Sea of Thieves

Add another member to your crew by equipping a pet in Sea of Thieves.


Pets are one of the greatest additions to Sea of Thieves. There’s nothing better than taking a furry or feathery friend with you on a voyage. But for some players, figuring out how to equip a pet is a bit confusing, as it can be easy to miss the directions in-game.

How to equip a pet

Now that you’re a proud owner of a brand new pet in Sea of Thieves, you’re going to want to show your new pal off. To do this, you will need to equip your pet to your pirate as you would any other item.

Sea of Thieves equip a pet at a Pet Chest
Find a Pet Chest on your ship or at an Outpost to equip a pet!

In order to equip a pet, find one of the Pet Chests either at an Outpost in the Pirate Emporium shop or on your ship. This chest looks like a barrel sawn in half with a red banner with a paw print lying over it. There will also be a few colorful feathers sticking out the side.

When you open the Pet Chest, navigate to the animal you want to equip, and select it. You will now have the pet in your arms or sitting on your arm, depending on what pet it is. The Pet Chest can also be used to equip the pet with different outfits, if you’ve purchased them.

How to dismiss a pet

Having a pet around is definitely great, but sometimes you might need to get rid of a pet. This might be if you’re in the heat of battle and don’t want to accidentally pick them up or you’re trying to be sneaky on an enemy ship.

To dismiss a pet, pause the game and go to Crew Management. In here you will find the ability to vote another player into the brig as well as an option to dismiss your pet. This will send the little animal back to the Pet Chest.

Equipping a pet in Sea of Thieves is extremely simple. The process is exactly the same as equipping a new piece of clothing or changing your equipment – just find the Pet Chest! We’ve been hard at work on the seas here at Shacknews and you can find all of our helpful pirating tips in our Sea of Thieves guide and walkthrough.

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