Void Feast bounty - Destiny 2

The Void Feast bounty in Destiny 2 is misleading with its description, here's how you actually complete this bounty.


The Void Feast bounty in Destiny 2 is a cruel and poorly-described task. Many experienced Warlocks will assume that in order to complete it, they must work on the synergy of the bottom-tree Voidwalker. They would be wrong. This bounty is much more time-consuming that it lets on.

Void Feast bounty

The Void Feast bounty in Destiny 2 reads: As a Voidwalker using Attunement of Hunger, defeat enemies with Devour in streaks of 10 of more. This description is actually misleading, as there are two things in this bottom tree that refer to Devour: the charged melee and the Devour effect.

destiny 2 void feast bounty
The Void Feast bounty asks you to get a streak of 10 or more using Devour.

Most experienced players will no doubt try to get this bounty done by activating Devour and then stringing together kills as a Voidwalker Warlock. What you actually need to do is get kills with the charged melee attack. What this means is you must wait for the melee to fully charge and then get another kill, until you have gotten 10 kills without dying.

This obviously takes a long time if you’re just waiting around. Furthermore, there’s nothing worse than getting close to the 10 kills and then accidentally dying for some dumb reason. To help make the process a bit faster, considering using the Claws of Ahamkara and Monte Carlo.

destiny 2 voidwalker devour
The Devour skill is intrinsic to the Voidwalker, but this bounty is only interested in the melee portion of it.

Firstly, the Claws of Ahamkara give you an extra melee charge. This will make it a bit easier, especially if you zip around a Patrol area and Rally the Flag of Public Events. As for the Monte Carlo, this Exotic Auto Rifle helps recharge your melee with each bullet hit and has a chance to fully-recharge it when you get a kill.

These two Exotics together will help you complete the Void Feast bounty. Unfortunately, it’s still going to take a long time and should probably be a bounty you complete last or just leave it.

Void Feast is a deceptive bounty that fails to utilize the core synergy of the Attunement of Hunger Voidwalker. Completing this task is going to take a while and feel more like a chore than a fun challenge. But if you want to complete all the Guardian Games Triumphs, you may need to do it. Head over to the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more seasonal event guides.

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      Yeah, f that bounty. Even with strength maxed and Claws out, still took like 15 minutes to do for how slow melee regens. if it was 2 sets of 5 in a row, or just a total of 20 (to be able to track better) sure.

      This is the equivalent of the obelisk "defeat 150 cabal with precision damage with bow".

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