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Tetris 99's 12th Maximus Cup is for Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure is a little hard to find right now, but at the very least, players can find it in Tetris 99's 12th Maximus Cup this weekend.


Ring Fit Adventure has undoubtedly become one of Nintendo's biggest breakout hits. Part of that is because of the continuing coronavirus pandemic that has kept folks in their homes with little to do except play games and exercise. Now the Tetris 99 team is ready to honor Nintendo's latest fitness craze with its 12th Maximus Cup, which is set to take place this weekend.

As has been the case with previous Maxmius Cups, players will have a chance to participate and earn a special theme for their Tetris 99 game. This Maximus Cup will reward players with a Ring Fit Adventure in-game theme after earning at least 100 event points. The theme will feature background art, music, and Tetrimino designs all inspired by the Nintendo's exercise game. Remember that points are earned based on rank achieved during each Tetris battle, so try and place high and earn your reward quickly. The higher you place for each game, the less time it'll take you to get the big reward.

The Tetris 99 Maximus Cup for Ring Fit Adventure is set to begin this Friday, April 24 at 12AM PT and run until April 27 at 11:59PM PT. That'll be your only chance to earn this theme, at least for now. Tetris 99 is free to play, but you'll need a Nintendo Switch Online account to engage with online multiplayer. And if you don't already own Ring Fit Adventure and want to try it out for yourself... well, you're out of luck there, because it's sold out everywhere. Have I mentioned that people are stuck at home right now?

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