Zooey joins Granblue Fantasy Versus late April, Character Pack 2 DLC coming Fall 2020

While Zooey will join Granblue Fantasy Versus at the end of April, Cygames has also announced a second season of DLC, featuring Belial as the first character.


Zooey is set to close out the first season of DLC characters in Granblue Fantasy Versus’ Character Pack 1, and we finally have a launch date for her. That’s not all though. Cygames and Arc System Works also revealed that Granblue Fantasy Versus is getting a second season of DLC characters, and villain Belial is kicking off the line-up sometime in Fall 2020.

Cygames revealed Zooey, her release date, and the upcoming Character Pack 2 collection of DLC characters on the Granblue Fantasy YouTube channel on April 17, 2020. Coming on April 28, 2020, we got a good look at Zooey and her abilities in this trailer. The character looks like she will feature a good rushdown set up along with projectiles from her little dragon friends. Packed with a sword and shield, Zooey also looks like she has an interesting defensive mechanism in which she can walk while keeping up her guide. You can see for yourself in the trailer below.

Zooey rounds out the first season of Granblue Fantasy Versus character DLC, which featured launches of Narmaya and Beelzebub, as well as Djeeta and Soriz. Being in that one of the few problems with the game (as covered in our Shacknews review) was a kind of small roster, Cygames and Arc System Works are doing a pretty good job at bringing characters from the vast Granblue Fantasy universe into GBVS regularly. What’s more, with Granblue Fantasy Versus Character Pack 2 slated for this coming Fall, we won’t be waiting long to get even more characters in the lineup, and Cygames has even promised more chapters to the game’s story mode throughout 2020 and 2021.

If you’ve been following Granblue Fantasy Versus, be on the lookout for Zooey when she arrives at the end of this April to round out the roster and Character Pack 1, along with new stages, avatars, and other goodies coming along with her.

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