Unboxing & Review: Mega Modz custom Xbox One controller

We take a look at a custom-ordered Mega Modz Xbox One controller and the other options on offer.


A player’s gaming gear is an extremely personal thing. We’ve all got our favorite controller and setup. The team at Mega Modz appreciates this, and offers a service to elevate your controllers to new heights with their modding and customization system. We were able to get our hands on a customized Xbox One controller to see how Mega Modz stacks up against other services, like the Xbox Design Lab.

Mega Modz Custom Xbox One Controller review

For those that might not know, Mega Modz is a company that specializes in the customization of Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch controllers. These customizations cover every inch of the controller, from the faceplate and buttons to the rear grips and even internal LEDs. Please check out the below video for a thorough look at what’s involved.

It’s immediately clear that there is another layer of customization offered by Mega Modz. While simply choosing a faceplate color is enough for some, Mega Modz offers the ability to choose stylized plates with various intricate designs. We ordered one with stylish Egyptian hieroglyphs, complete with the Eye of Ra.

To make the whole controller pop, the triggers and bumper buttons are a vibrant gold. What’s more, these buttons can be altered to feel more like a mouse click, so you don’t have to complete the full range of motion to see the effect in-game.

One problem some gamers may encounter, especially in sweaty matches, is being able to maintain good control over the controller. To solve this, Mega Modz offers unique soft-touch grip for the back. This subtle change makes a world of difference in those do or die moments in games.

Outside of cosmetics, Mega Modz also offers some “upgrades” for the actual hardware of the controller. For an extra fee, players can opt to have modifications that circumvent the need to press multiple buttons in-game. These include quick scope mods, a mod that improves burst fire on semi auto and single-shot weapons, or a mod that auto aims near a zombie’s head or chest.

There’s a lot on offer at Mega Modz. Players that want a controller that represents who they are as a gamer will find exactly what they need here. For more unboxing videos and reviews, check out the Shacknews and GamerHubTV YouTube Channels.

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