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Valorant Cypher camera gun exploit among bugs squashed in hotfix update

Those who have been finding themselves on a more lethal end of Valorant Agent Cypher's camera gun will be happy to know Riot is on it with a hotfix for the game.


Valorant’s Cypher and his camera gun ability are meant to be tricky, but some players have been taking this far beyond the norm. An exploit that allowed Cypher to arm his Spycam skill with a pistol is getting the hotfix treatment from Riot Games as it seeks to iron out the game in its first full week of closed beta access.

What is the Valorant Cypher camera gun exploit?

The Valorant Cypher Gun Camera exploit essentially allowed players to turn Cypher's Spycam into a lethal remote-controlled turret.
The Valorant Cypher camera gun exploit essentially allowed players to turn Cypher's Spycam into a lethal remote-controlled turret.

The Valorant Cypher camera gun exploit was an… eccentric little trick discovered by players of the recon and defense-specialized character, Cypher. Cypher has a lot of traps to keep opponent locations visible to him and his teammates. One such ability is the Spycam skill which can be placed on various walls and activated to observe targets and shoot them with a dart that marks and reveals them for a moment. Folks on the Valorant Reddit bug posting megathread and Twitter took note of the fact that if one placed the Spycam and then dropped pistols on it and changed to the camera view right away, the camera could then use the pistols to kill enemies instead of firing its usual tracking dart, effectively turning it into a lethal turret.

Riot’s hotfix to the Valorant Cypher camera gun exploit

As should be expected, the Cypher camera gun exploit quickly caught quite a bit of attention. The camera is obnoxiously easy to miss and one certainly wouldn’t expect it to quickly kill you, so this is definitely a problem Riot Games didn’t want to leave alone for long. According to the Valorant Twitter, the hotfix has already been deployed on European servers and North American servers were scheduled for the fix right after. The Valorant Cypher camera gun exploit was at the top of the hotfix list, but further map exploits and audio issues have also been addressed in the quick patch.

There’s plenty of ways to get ahead in Valorant, but Riot has already made cheating and exploits a huge part of its initiative in making sure the game is as good as it can be. It’s good to know that Riot is staying true to its word and issues like the Valorant Cypher camera gun exploit shouldn’t live long. Be sure to check out our other coverage on Valorant, and especially our character guide to make sure you know how the Agent abilities are supposed to work in the game.

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