How to preload Gears Tactics on PC & Xbox One

Gears Tactics is available for preload on certain devices. Check out our handy guide on how to get ready for launch day.


Gears Tactics is bringing strategy and tactical gameplay over to the Gears of War series. Splash Damage and The Coalition have teamed up to put an impressive and flashy system together, pitting COGs against Locust forces once again as you take on the role of Gabriel Diaz and crew in turn-based tactical combat. The first wave of Gears Tactics is headed to PC on the end of April 2020 and preloads have opened now, so follow this guide to get downloading and have the game installed and ready to go on launch day.

How to preload Gears Tactics on PC

Gears Tactics on PC will be available on April 28, 2020 via Steam, the Windows Store, and Xbox Game Pass for PC. Preloading is available for all three platforms right now and if you’ve pre-ordered the game, you’ll be able to collect the unique Thrashball Cole skin, which features Augustus Cole in his star-studded thrashball days as a unique character in your squad complete with his own special abilities.

Whatever front you’re going through, just head to the Gears Tactics pages on Steam, the Windows Store, or the Xbox Game Pass for PC and either purchase the game, or if you already have, confirm the download on any of those Gears Tactics pages. Make sure you’ve got the space for the game on your hard drive, follow the prompts for download and installation, and you should be set for launch day, simple as that.

How to preload Gears Tactics on Xbox One

Gears Tactics will be available on Xbox One as both a standalone purchase and part of Xbox Games Pass.
Gears Tactics will be available on Xbox One as both a standalone purchase and part of Xbox Games Pass.

Gears Tactics on Xbox One will not be launching beside the PC edition of the game. Though it is slated to come to Xbox One and be bundled in the Xbox Game Pass, currently we don’t have a solid date for the game beyond late 2020. As such, the game is not available for preload on Xbox One consoles just yet. Be sure to check back once a date and details become available as we get closer to the console launch of Gears Tactics later this year.

With the game preloaded and ready to roll, be sure to check out our other Gears Tactics coverage, including the class system for the game, the inclusion and strategic value of execution kills, and the state of multiplayer vs single-player in Gears Tactics as we await the first launch on April 28 of the 2020 video game calendar.

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