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Heroes of the Storm starts Fragments of the Nexus event today

The Raven Lord is defeated, but the fight is not over, as Heroes of the Storm's latest event explores the Fragments of the Nexus.


The Nexus is never at peace for very long. Sure, the Raven Lord has been defeated, but the spread of absolute chaos has not been stopped. The various characters of the Blizzard pantheon are responding to the Dark Nexus in different ways. Players can bear witness to the continuing Heroes of the Storm storyline with the game's latest event, Fragments of the Nexus.

There are two sides to the Fragments of the Nexus storyline. There's StarCraft's Tassadar and Fenix, who are seeking to stop the corruption of the Dark Nexus' energies. Then there's the side of the malevolent Deathwing, who is looking to harness the Dark Nexus' power and use it to his own twisted ends. This has not only resulted in a cataclysmic conflict, but also in some pretty cool skins for Heroes of the Storm players.

Multiple varieties of Dark Nexus Deathwing, Dark Nexus Tassadar, and Dark Nexus Fenix are available now in all Loot Chests, as are a couple of different flavors of Dark Nexus Gul'dan and Dark Nexus Alarak. New mounts are also on the table, with the Dark Nexus Beast, Dark Nexus Hound, and Dark Nexus Manta all available. You can get a first look at some of these skins and mounts on the Heroes of the Storm website.

As for the rest of Heroes of the Storm as a whole, Blizzard is continuing to experiment with new gameplay ideas through Nexus Anomalies. The newest one of these is called A Call for Help, which makes Towers and Cores slightly more intelligent. Instead of purely aiming at minions, Towers and Cores will now actively aid players against enemy heroes when the situation calls for it. Meanwhile, the previous Nexus Anomaly, Experience Globes, has proven to be such a hit that Blizzard is keeping it around. Information on the Nexus Anomalies can also be found on the Heroes of the Storm website.

The Fragments of the Nexus event is currently underway. For more on the latest Heroes of the Storm event, brush up on the April 14 patch notes.

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