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Mohawk Games reveal new 4X game Old World, coming to Epic Games Store

Former Civilization dev Soren Johnson and the crew at Mohawk Games will be bringing Old World to the Epic Games Store in early access in the near future.


After years away from the 4X strategy scene on different games, Civilization designer Soren Johnson and the rest of the team at Mohawk Games are ready to return to their roots with something new. They’ve announced Old World, which will task players with taking on not only the birth and prosperity of an empire, but also its lineage in 4X strategy.

Mohawk Games announced their new game, Old World, via the Mohawk Games YouTube channel on April 14, 2020. Built very similar to the hexagonal maps of modern Civilization games, Old World tasks players with taking on the roles of one of many kings, queens, and empires to raise them from their roots into historical societies. There’s more to it than simply raising your empire and engaging with exploration of the map and interaction with other empires though. Old World features an aging system in which your ruler will grow old and die, allowing an heir to take control with their own memories, qualities, and interactions available with the world. You can check out the announcement trailer just below.

In addition to heirs, the world will take account and remember how your empire acts with time. Long-lasting grudges or alliances can be formed and the mistakes or accomplishments of previous kings will affect your rule and the response of the world to you. It’s worth noting that Old World stays with ancient rulers and doesn’t seem to travel across a large swath of time the way that Civilization does either. Each king, queen, or ruler in the lineage will play their part in the history of your nation and its success or failure.

Having spent some time away on different projects such as Offworld Trading Company, Old World is looking like an incredible return to form that many of the former Civilzation veterans at Mohawk Games will handle quite well. Old World is slated for the Epic Games Store and will be coming to early access exclusively on that platform to start. We don’t have a launch window yet, but it is expected to be coming soon. Stay tuned to Shacknews for more details and information on Old World as we get closer to the game’s early access entry.

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