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How to get Gotterdammerung - Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Unlock the Gotterdammerung necklace accessory in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake to greatly improve your limit break.


For those players that want to get the most powerful gear in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, unlocking Gotterdammerung is going to be a top priority. This fancy necklace is only available in Hard Mode and after you complete an extremely difficult challenge. We’ve got a helpful step-by-step video, along with some text to help you claim this powerful accessory.

How to get Gotterdammerung

Before you even attempt to get Gotterdammerung, it’s important to note it is only available on Hard Mode. You will need to complete the game at least once to unlock Hard Mode. At this point, there are a whole lot of other steps you must work through. Check out the video below for a rundown of the steps, along with the bosses you must fight and defeat.

Let’s start with how to unlock Gotterdammerung. This begins by completing all of Don Corneo’s Colosseum challenges. It’s worth noting that Aerith’s solo challenge is only available in Chapter 9. Complete this challenge immediately after your battle with Hell House and then finish the chapter. You can then reload Chapter 14 and complete any challenges you have yet to do.

With all of Corneo’s challenges finished, skip to Chapter 17 to be greeted by Chadley. This character will open a new VR simulator in the area. It’s here that you must complete another set of challenges. Finish the 13 challenges to unlock the fourteenth challenge – this one rewards Gotterdammerung.

Challenge 14 has you facing five rounds back-to-back. You’ll face Shiva, Fat Chocobo, Leviathan, Bahamut, and Pride and Joy Prototype. After all five bosses are defeated, you’ll finally have Gotterdammerung.

Now that you know where to unlock Gotterdammerung, let’s talk strategies. Before you even try to tackle this, it’s worth leveling to 50 and leveling up your Materia. This will significantly improve your chances of defeating the five bosses in Challenge 14.

For our completion, we used Cloud, Aerith, and Barret, as the ranged characters made the fights a bit easier. While each character had heal Materia, Aerith was the main healer. The other Materia used was fire, lightning, Resto, HP Up, MP Up, Revive, and Barrier. Your primary healer should have Resto Materia attached to Magnify. Regen and Magnify is going to be vital to your success.

Taking down all five bosses in the final challenge is going to be extremely difficult. However, those that do manage to defeat them will finally unlock Gotterdammerung, a necklace that lets you start the battle with a limit break and fills your limit bar much faster while you’re fighting. Check out our Final Fantasy 7 Remake guide for more helpful tips and tricks.

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