Journey discovers June release date on Steam

The modern classic from Thatgamecompany is ready to come to Steam and now has a release date.


It's hard to pinpoint exactly where the modern indie renaissance got its start. However, if one were to ask where it hit one of its first major peaks, the answer is likely Thatgamecompany's modern classic, Journey. Journey originally brought pure atmospheric joy to PlayStation 3 users and remained a console exclusive for years before finally coming to the Epic Games Store last year. But now it's finally ready to come to Steam.

Publisher Annapurna Interactive brought the good news on Monday afternoon, announcing that Journey would come to Steam in June. This comes after a year and a half of Epic Games Store exclusivity, in which Journey was originally part of the storefront's original launch lineup.


Journey is all about wandering an empty desert environment filled with dilapidated ruins. The game is all about exploring the environment, connecting with its various pieces, and getting lost in the surrounding atmosphere. It's one of those games that defies explanation, as the player observes an evolving world that progresses along with them. Let's go back in time to 2012 and look back at our original review:

Journey is set to release on Steam on June 11.

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