Valorant key eBay sellers and buyers are getting account banned by Riot

Some shady folks are looking to buy and sell Valorant keys on eBay, but be aware. Riot knows and they cracking down on such accounts during the Valorant closed beta.


It’s not surprising that in most cases, some people will do anything to get around a system and there are folks that will take advantage of that. Such is the case of the newly popular Valorant key eBay market. Just a few days after the Valorant closed beta started, there are sellers and buyers looking to take advantage of Valorant keys by putting them up for sale. But let it be known. Riot Games knows and they are banning such Riot accounts from the game.

Valorant beta keys on eBay have begun popping up since Riot started giving them away via their Twitch method in which viewers can link their Riot and Twitch accounts for a chance at scoring a key. Some sellers are putting the Valorant keys on eBay for as low as $30 while some are going full gouge with prices as ridiculously high as $250 or even $350. That said, Riot Games is aware of the matter, and the studio won’t stand for it. They posted a warning just recently on the Valorant Twitter that bought accounts will be banned.

That is to say, spending the money on a Valorant eBay key probably isn’t worth it. Of course, once a Valorant key is in your position, it’s pretty much entirely your choice what you do with it, whether you play, don’t play, give it to a friend, or try to hose desperate people on eBay with it, but Riot Games has definitely shown that they’re not willing to accept shifty methods of getting into the game when so many people are waiting on the sideline for their chance at the action.

Valorant keys on eBay also just go to show that the game is popping right now even for a closed beta and everyone wants a piece of the action. Make sure you know how to get in the right way with our signup guide for the Valorant beta. Need any further help? We have a slew of Valorant guides to get you ready for the fight whether you’re waiting or training up for the action.

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