The Cartridge Family 098 – Animal Crossing Eggs, Resident Evil 3, John's Butcher

Joe and his wife share a tender moment with Animal Crossing, while John breaks out the barber shears.


The global pandemic continues and John chose to take drastic measures to ensure his family’s survival. He buys fruit and veggies from a local farm, he orders meat from a butcher (at least he’s not hunting…yet), and he even cut his own hair! Joe, meanwhile, finally left his house after two months of isolation.

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What’s the one thing keeping these two sane? Animal Crossing: New Horizons! They’re passing the time collecting bugs, Easter eggs, and other things. John and his kids have their own copies (John also came up with a clever way for his kids to do chores… with Animal Crossing as the reward), while Joe and his wife are testing the limits of their marriage by occupying the same island! Nintendo… their future is in your hands.

Fortunately for Joe, Square Enix’s long awaited Final Fantasy 7 remake is nearly upon us, so he’ll have something to keep busy with in case his significant other refuses to relinquish the Switch.

Meanwhile, Buffa is brains deep into the Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake. He chooses to live through both the virtual and actual pandemics simultaneously. Find out what he thinks of Capcom’s newest survival horror adventure, then stay for his tales of what it’s like outside amongst toilet-paper hoarding masses.

We close with Joe insisting that Rogue Legacy 2 deserves everyone’s attention, and a germ-riddled beatdown that will give you the shivers.

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