Granblue Fantasy Versus DLC character Djeeta could be coming in early April

Djeeta is the female protagonist counterpart of Gran, and she could be arriving alongside Soriz in early April according to a recently leaked video.


Granblue Fantasy Versus is pretty great, but it could always use a few much characters to buff up the roster. We already got a look at muscle martial artist Soriz, but he might not be the only arrival in Granblue Fantasy Versus come early April. According to a recently leaked trailer, female protagonist Djeeta could be coming in alongside Soriz for another duo launch of DLC characters.

Djeeta’s launch date comes from an Arc System Works trailer that was allegedly leaked on March 30, 2020. The trailer in question gives us a good look at Djeeta in action. In Granblue Fantasy, Djeeta is the female choice for a main protagonist, essentially Gran’s counterpart in nearly every way. As such, much of her moveset, including the uppercut and projectile, probably looks familiar. That said, Djeeta does have a few unique traits of her own to set her apart from Gran in GBVS. For one, where Gran has a straight kick that launches foes backwards, Djeeta has an overhead kick that looks like it can bounce foes. She also has a multi-hit slash move that Gran does not, just to name a few differences.

Even Djeeta's Super Skybound Art echoes similarities to Gran, with her own unique summon of Bahamut.
Even Djeeta's Super Skybound Art echoes similarities to Gran, with her own unique summon of Bahamut.

Djeeta’s launch date looks to be April 7, 2020 which would be the same day as the previously announced Soriz. This makes sense. The last set of DLC characters, Narmaya and Beelzebub, also launched in a pair on the same day. Even so, that leaves dragon-wielding warrior Zooey on her own to cap off this particular season of Granblue Fantasy Versus DLC characters, unless Arc System Works and Cygames have surprises up their sleeves. According to the trailer, we can expect to see more about Zooey in another new trailer on April 17, 2020.

Regardless, Djeeta and Soriz are looking like welcome additions to the growing GBVS roster and we can’t wait to give them a go when they arrive on April 7 as expected. Want more Granblue Fantasy Versus? Be sure to check out our Shacknews review to see what we thought of the game and stay up to date with our most current GBVS coverage.

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