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10 reasons Tom Nook is an untrustworthy crook and unsavory thief

You don't trust Tom Nook, and neither do we, so we're breaking down all the reasons you should be wary of this forest critter.


Animal Crossing is an inherently peaceful, pacifistic series. You catch bugs and fish, decorate your humble home, and interact with a wide variety of animal compatriots. Unfortunately, you also happen to be under the thumb of one of the franchise's most notorious criminals: Tom Nook.

Now, before you dismiss his antics (especially in the most recent game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons) as nothing more than that of a shrewd businessman, consider this: he's been at this racket for years, employing friends and family to help grow his massive empire. While you get houses and stores in return for your labor, his pockets grow fat and his businesses keep booming, and that's the way he likes it. After discussing the topic at length, the Shack Staff came up with ten reasons why Tom Nook is basically a garbage creature.

He installs apps on your NookPhone without asking

Your smartphone is hallowed ground. No one gets to touch it but you. What does Tom do after bestowing you with a brand new NookPhone that you paid for? He keeps installing bloatware and proprietary apps without your permission. You never know what those apps are actually doing, either. You can bet they're doing something nefarious in the background, that's for sure.

Where there’s a money-making scheme, there he is

No one loves money as much as Tom. The whole sending people to live on a remote island thing is a joke. He's bringing you over to a peaceful island that will eventually fill up with annoying neighbors. How peaceful is it then when you have rude animals with irritating catchphrases swarming around your tiny living space? Tom just counts his money and smiles...and waits for another opportunity to screw you without even taking you out to dinner first.

He uses his adorable family, Timmy and Tommy, to make him look less sleazy

Not only does Tom have to act on his own selfish desires solo, he pushes his family (Timmy and Tommy Nook) to shake villagers down for cash and be a part of his wild schemes as well. It's unclear whether these Nooklings are actually Tom's kids or not (some reports say he adopted them, some say they're his nephews), but they're close enough that they all wear the same goofy-looking leaf shirts. It's clear they're following in his footsteps every time they have the gall to ask you for more Bells or NookMiles, but it's hard to fault them. Tom is obviously pushing them to go down the same path he did when he was a child. But they're supposed to make him look like a nice, wholesome family man. No dice, Tom. We know what you're up to. 

He's a raccoon, which are traditionally seen as mischievous

Let's get real for a moment. Tom is very clearly a raccoon, the same animal that can open your trash cans at night, pick through your leftovers, and make an enormous mess that'll be waiting for you in the morning. Raccoons are already known as extremely mischievous creatures, so that doesn't exactly give Tommy boy a sterling reputation. Just look at him, sitting at his desk and plotting away. There really aren't any good bones in his body. 

He has a monopoly on the world of Animal Crossing’s real estate

If you want to buy a home or any additional land in Animal Crossing, who do you think you have to buy it from? Tom Nook, of course. There's no one else around to buy from, as it appears he's single-handedly bought up just about anywhere you could possibly dream of living. No matter what the ask is, whether you want to get a bit of land to grow a garden on ro if you want to move, you're going to have to go with Nook. That's the sad truth. 

He never gives you the right solutions

Basically everything Tom Nook can do for you comes down to you giving him money. Need more space? You're gonna have to buy a bigger house, not learn to organize. You want to buy more stuff? He won't recommend additional avenues to purchase things – he'll just try to sell you another entire building to shop in. This smacks of insincerity and, well, assholery. But we really shouldn't be surprised. Look who we're talking about. 

He's been known to bathe in your hard-earned money

Honestly, the picture says it all. Just look at this shameless display. 

He puts things in your pocket without asking

Talk about an invasion of privacy. Tom Nook may fancy himself your overlord, but he shouldn't be able to control what you carry around in your own pocket. 

The Nook Phone can’t make any calls out -- except to the rescue service, which is owned by Tom Nook

We already spoke briefly about how Tom can install apps on your phone without permission. Did you realize that your phone can't even make calls out, unless you need help from the rescue service? No, you can't talk to your friends and family, but you can talk to Tom's rescue service. He's really got you hook, line, and sinker. 

What do you think of Tom's misdeeds? Is he a great person or what? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below. Check out our own Josh Hawkins' review of Animal Crossing; New Horizons as well. Nook apologists, begone. 

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