First Smash Ultimate Fighter Pass 2 DLC is from Arms

The first challenger to join the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter Pass 2 DLC will come from Arms.


Smash players got a big surprise during today's Nintendo Mini direct. While no official reveal is coming until June, we did learn that the next fighter to join the Smash Ultimate Fighter Pass 2 DLC will come from Arms -- that weird fighting game that released on the Nintendo Switch back in June of 2017. No real details on which fighter from the roster will be joining the other legendary characters in Smash, but we did find out that more news and the official reveal will come later in June.

With a total of 15 fighters to choose from in the Arms roster, it's unclear exactly who the pick for this upcoming Smash Ultimate DLC could be. Each fighter has its pros and cons, and while there are plenty of unique fighters, it stands to reason that one of the more iconic characters would make the cut. It's still a weird move to see Nintendo going so far back to a game like Arms. Arms wasn't a bad game, in fact, in our review for it Ozzie Mejia wrote,

"Arms sessions are quick, fun, and satisfying. With easy-to-pick-up mechanics, solid stage design, and quirky characters, Arms genuinely feels like a fun and different addition to the fighting game genre. More than that, it feels like just the kind of game that makes the Nintendo Switch itself feel fun and different."

Despite the critical success of the game, though, it flew under the radar for the next three years, and this is honestly the first that we've heard about it in a long while. Still, if you're looking to try out some of the fighters before they make the move to Smash Ultimate, then you can download and play Arms for free from March 26 to April 6. That's roughly a week and a half to try out a massive roster of fighters and experience what Arms is all about. 

More info about the upcoming DLC fighter will arrive this June, just before the new fighter releases into Smash Ultimate.

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