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Outer Wilds gets June release date for Steam

With Outer Wilds' first anniversary approaching, publisher Annapurna Interactive has announced that it's coming to Steam in June.


Galactic explorers in Outer Wilds have ventured across the cosmos, but their destination always winds up being the same. The starting campsite? No, I'm not talking about the starting campsite. I'm talking about the Epic Games Store, which has been the exclusive home for Annapurna Interactive and Mobius Digital's time-loop narrative. But just as the game changes upon finding something critical, there's something big coming for Outer Wilds. It's about to get a Steam release.

On Tuesday, publisher Annapurna Interactive revealed that Outer Wilds' Steam listing now has a date. It's set to hit Valve's storefront on June 18. This comes a little over a year after the game first debuted on consoles and the Epic Games Store. It'll come as good news to those who originally backed the game's Fig campaign, with those backers promised Steam keys prior to the announced Epic Games Store timed exclusivity. As noted during the timed exclusivity announcement last year, those backers who were issued Epic keys are still eligible to receive Steam keys.

For the uninitiated, Outer Wilds sees players explore a hand-crafted solar system, but only for a limited period before everything resets. The object is to find out exactly what is causing time to repeat itself and ultimately move time forward.

For those who can't wait until June 18 for Outer Wilds to come to Steam, it's available now on the Epic Games Store, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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