Granblue Fantasy Versus' Soriz brings muscle and might in early April

The gentleman master of martial arts Soriz is bringing his power to the Granblue Fantasy Versus as the next DLC fighter of the season in April 2020.


There’s nothing quite like the unrequited power of pure martial artists in weapon fighting games, and in April, Soriz is upping the bulk of the Granblue Fantasy Versus roster is just such a manner. The weapons master of the Granblue Fantasy universe just got himself a trailer featuring all the strength and bravado necessary to set a skybound adventurer’s heart ablaze.

The new trailer for Soriz was dropped on the Granblue Fantasy YouTube and Twitter on March 24, 2020. Slated to launch on April 7, 2020, Soriz was a gentleman weapon seller in the skies who decided to shed regular weapons himself to turn his body itself into a fine-tuned weapon. He’s a powerhouse brawler with a unique skill that allows him to armor his way through a hit. According to FGC Twitter HiFight, the more hits you take, the greater his defense becomes, and once you use his Super Skybound Art, it scales off of how many times you’ve buffed Soriz through the round, allowing him to dish out massive damage at the risk of taking it first.

Soriz is another welcome big body for Granblue Fantasy Versus like Ladiva and Vaseraga, though he looks like he has some speed to him that the other two don’t. He’s a welcome addition to GBVS’s first season of DLC, joining the already added swordsman Narmaya and the game’s final boss Beelzebub. Characters Darjeeta and Zooey are also down the line after Soriz. While Granblue Fantasy Versus’ launch roster was a little limited, the game is still quite good as we broke down in our Shacknews review. Good enough in fact to top nearly every other popular modern fighting game's first week sales in Japan, and it’s only going to get better as the Season 1 DLC roster fills different character niches with faces from the vast Granblue Fantasy RPG universe.

Soriz will be available in Granblue Fantasy Versus on April 7, 2020. As with any of the GBVS DLC characters, you can get him together with the rest by buying the season or purchase each character separately.

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