Khan Maykr boss fight - Doom Eternal

Everything you need to know to take down the Khan Maykr in Doom Eternal.


Most Doom Eternal’s campaign will be spent killing hordes of demons and other baddies across a myriad of levels. However, there are a few times where the Doom Slayer will find himself face to face with the worst of the worst. In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know to take down the Khan Maykr boss in Doom Eternal.

It should go without saying, but this article contains spoilers. Read at your own discretion.

Khan Maykr boss fight - Doom Eternal

The Khan Maykr is one of the biggest boss fights you’ll take on in Doom Eternal – and one of the most difficult as well. You'll come across this boss sometime after completing the Gladiator boss fight. This boss fight takes advantage of several new features and enemies in the game, so you’ll need to be on your best behavior if you want to pull off this win.

The Khan Maykr has a shield that you need to break.
Shoot the Khan Maykr to break through her shield.

There are a couple of basics to be aware of before you dive into this bossfight.

  • First, renewing ammo with the chainsaw won’t work this time around. The Maykr Drones that litter the arena take more than one fuel to kill, so you’ll want to focus on killing them with headshots instead, as this will grant you ammo.
  • There are several ground hazards around the arena, including lasers that shoot down from the sky, lava-like fire that covers various bits of the fighting area. Avoid these by moving around the arena and staying on areas that aren’t hazardous.

During the battle, you’re going to want to focus your attention to tearing down the Khan Maykr’s shield. This keeps you from doing any real damage to the boss and will dissipate over time as you do damage to it. Once you’ve managed to lower the shield, you will need to use the Meat Hook attached to the Super Shotgun to propel yourself to the Khan Maykr’s chest, where you will perform a Blood Punch. You’ll need to punch her like this around six times to complete the battle and take her down.

Use the Meat Hook to get close and perform a Blood Punch on the Khan Maykr - Doom Eternal
Use the Meat Hook to get close and perform a Blood Punch on the Khan Maykr - Doom Eternal

What makes this fight so difficult is the game’s change of direction for refilling ammo and health. Instead of focusing on Glory Kills and chainsawing like previous battles, you’ll want to take down Maykr Drones with headshots to replenish your ammo.

Now that you know how to take down the Khan Maykr, head back over to our Doom Eternal strategy guide for even more handy information.

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