Sea of Stars hits Kickstarter goal after just six hours

It didn't take long for Sea of Stars to reach its Kickstarter goal, with Sabotage's turn-based RPG hitting its target in just six hours.


Earlier today, Sabotage unveiled their next project. Set in the world of The Messenger, the indie developer is shifting from platformer to turn-based RPG with Sea of Stars. The game is extremely early in development and was even relying on a Kickstarter to kick their efforts into overdrive. After roughly six hours, that goal has been met.

The Sea of Stars Kickstarter opened up at 9AM PT on Thursday morning. By 3PM PT, the $90,000 goal (CA$100,000) was met behind over 3,000 backers. It's a positive sign for the Quebec-based Sabotage, which now looks to focus on Kickstarter stretch goals. The first one is "Single Player+" and a bonus dungeon, with more stretch goals available over the next 29 days.

For those unfamiliar with Sea of Stars, it's a prequel of sorts to The Messenger. While Sabotage's 2018 platformer followed the tale of a warrior traversing a single island, Sea of Stars goes back to a time of many islands when two heroes called the Children of the Solstice began to rise up against the forces of the evil alchemist known as The Fleshmancer. While The Messenger was primarily a platformer, this is a turn-based RPG that has more in common with Super Mario RPG than it does Ninja Gaiden.

Even after meeting the Kickstarter goal, there's a long way for Sabotage to go before Sea of Stars reaches anybody's hands. The studio is anticipating a long development cycle and has a tentative target window of 2022 for both the PC and console version. For more on Sea of Stars, be sure to check out our first-look preview.

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